Pius Eliman Eliman is a politician, mobilizer and youth advocate, the National coordinator of Trust Atiku 2019 Campaign and a proud supporter of Hon. Bette Obi an aspirant for the Boki 1 State House of Assembly in 2019. 

In an interview with Boki blog, Eliman reechoed Hon. Bette Obi as the most preferred Candidate for the seat of the Boki 1 State House, emphasizing the fact that Victory is sure for the distinguished Honorable. 

Hon. Pius Eliman Eliman 

Can we get to know you Sir?

My name  is Eliman Pius Eliman, I hail  from  Ukampor Beebo in Beebo/Bumaji  Ward  of Boki Local Government of Cross River State. I'm  a "Street Machinery"

Are you a Polician or Political supporter?

I'm  a Politician. When  you are a Politician you Support  others. If you have no  aspiration at the moment doesn't  mean  you should  not support  others  who have  at that particular time. I'm  a Political Mobiliser and Youth  Advocate  at my level.

Your Constant publications online shows you're a proud supporter of the Hon. Bette Obi and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, how true is this?

Yes very Proud Supporter of Bette  Obi, I'm  100% in Support of Bette Obi. The  reasons  are obvious. Bette Obi that every one knows is a Peace Advocate, he preaches  peace where ever he goes in his life. As an aspirant, he visits co-aspirants and they eat from same plate, in every public appearance he shows he is not desperate about the elections like others. Let me quickly remind  you, do you know that Bette Obi was the immediate past Chapter  Chairman of PDP in Boki? Do you know  what that means, it's means in liaison with  the various  ward Leaders he brought  in all the present Wards EXCOs as well as Chapter, he has the Party  Machineries yet so humble  instead of bragging. Bette Obi has the connections yet he rellies  on the grassroot support not like aspirants  waiting to use the links that Bette  has even superior. He has financial  muscles  yet he put that  behind  and concentrate  on his People's  mandate. Bette  Obi  would  be answerable  to us when  elected, I tell people everywhere. He is ours. For Atiku Abubabar, My Brother, I have some rate of relationship with  same Presidential aspirants,  I have a Relationship  with HE Governor  Ayo Fayose of Ekiti who just buried  his aspiration for some reasons I won't mention now. I have same with HE Alhaji  Dr. Sule Lamido former Governor of Jigawa State and with HE, Alhaji Dr Ahmed Markarfi, former Governor of Kaduna State and immediate past National Chairman of PDP but among these personalities that are all qualified to be President of this Country, Alhaji Atiku Abubabar remain the man to beat. The former Vice President has all it takes to match  the failed APC Government All for All. (You understand  what that  means?)

We Heard Bette Obi Have Stepped Down the race for Boki 1 State House?

[Laughs] Let me tell you  something, if there is any one to step down it's other  aspirants  who will step down for Bette  Obi. Boki Constituency 1 have zone State House of Assembly  to Eastern Boki knowing that Abo Ward are done with  their 8 years of Hon. Ernest Ekie (4years) and Hon. Dr  Itam Abang (4years). In Constituency 1, We have Leaders and we Respect  them. We have the Likes of Dr. P who is highly respected by all, the Immediate past Commissioner for Works and Infrastructures and incoming Member House of Representatives Boki/Ikom Federal Constituency, Hon. Engr. Dane Osim Asu, The Paramount Ruler of Boki politics and immediate  past Chairman  of  Boki  LGA, the DG Anti-Deforestation Chief  Hon. Abu Ewa etc agreed  and zone to Eastern Boki, a woman we married  to our Constituency will oppose that? It's morally  very disrespectful. That some persons outside  Eastern  Boki have gone ahead to buy forms tells the act of disrespect  for Elderly  decision of the Boki 1 people. While we appreciate all those in Eastern  Boki who have bought  forms to test their popularity, we know the struggles would collapse to Bette Obi few weeks from now. We even prefer  the Primaries so it will be on record that some aspirants got just their own very Vote since they  are delegates. We are prepared and watchful, we have the Control machinery  but we believe One with God  is majority. Bette Obi is the Next Member CRSHA Boki 1 State Constituency, the first  Member in Boki to have 10 PAs across the five wards of Constituency 1.

What Special Qualities Do you think your candidate posses to serve the good people of Boki 1 in 2019 if given the opportunity?

I would say; Simplicity and Peaceful. We have a member who hardly even respond to greetings, replying  of text messages  is a hell of assignment but that's not the topic for today.  Hon. Bette Obi will be so accessible that most times you will see him  more often  than  seeing your girlfriend. I tell you, with Bette Obi as Member CRSHA Boki 1 will be the most  peaceful place to visit. Beebo/Bumaji still have a lot of natural things eyes can behold and it's at the end side of Constituency 1, so you can be rest assured  that  you can transverse from Boje to Abo, Buentebe to Alankwu to end at Beebo/Bumaji with rest of mind.  Bette Obi  is GOOOOOOOAL!!!

How can you describe the present representation of Boki 1 in the State House?

It's a failed representation. We have never had this kind of representation since 1999,its the worst. But let be equally not put blame too much because  it's late already, we are already showing  her the way out. Academic  is not Politics she belongs  to the academy. On a lighter  note; In Politics, we drink, we talk, we do the other ones. Who has Dr. Itam  bought a Fanta for not even beer or food? who has she paid Transport  for, who has she paid school fee  for, all you hear her say is my children are in this and that, my responsibilities, my this my that. Let me tell you, I and my PDP members were attacked by APC in my polling  boot on the day of Itam Abang election ( I didn't even know her). we took custody of the Police, the Corpers, the election materials, both sensitive  and Non Sensitive, delivered the election successfully, followed up to Bateriko where  Barr Attah Ochinke was waiting thinking she will loose because  of her unpopularity, I have the videos  and pictures, Barr.  Attah immediately  was snapping  the result  and sending  to the then  Governor to show we have won, Bette Obi Coordinated  all these only for a failed  representation.

What do you think about other aspirants interested in the Boki 1 State House? Do you believe it would be easy for your candidate?

Because we don't  brag  about  what we have, I  appreciated all who bought forms from Eastern Boki earlier, we are one family, no body can do without the other, after  the Primaries, we will all come back as a PDP  family. Let me tell you, most of the aspirants were relying on Bette Obi. It's only Bette Obi that is a threat  even to the incumbent. We are on the Lead.  I will talk again after primaries.

Being a close ally to the Honorable, we believe he might have revealed some of his plans for the constituency if elected. Would you mind sharing some of them?

He is seeking  public office, why not. Hon. Bette Obi is a simple  and very open  individual. Just as his gate is never looked against anyone like others, so will be the finances  if elected. Bette will make open the Constituency  finance when available and same when not. What is available at a particular  point in time. It will  be an Open  administration for all. He will always hold town hall meetings  to get feedback from his constituents that is why he will have a minimum of 10 PAs across the 5 wards of Boki 1 for earlier reportage

What's your advice to Boki 1 Constituents Ahead of 2019?

I will advice the People  of Boki  1 to vote in a representation who has Capacity. Not to support people  who will go into the Assembly and start telling his Colleagues "I'm  Loyal Sir" or playing  a Boy's role to his colleagues. BoKi 1 should Vote a man who will have  his colleagues  as friends and make legislative  business  earlierand beneficial  to the constituents, a man with  financial muscles.  Bette  Obi is not going  to Assembly to Build a House or buy Hillux or a Zeep or Marry, all these he has achieved. He is going to the Assembly  as a messenger to bring  back to the Constituents what is meant  for them. I urge all people of BoKi 1 without biase to support a Man  with Capacity, influence, Connections, for a better  representation in 2019.

At this point, I must say thanks for your time and do have a lovely day Sir.

You're welcome and hope  to talk with you again in the nearest feature

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