Trouble looms as the chances of the honorable member representing Boki 2 state constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon. Hilary Bisong returning to the house is being threatened by the emergence of an opposition whom political pundits believe to be a stronger force.

According to an article stumbled upon by TheDailyNewsNg correspondent, the political atmosphere of the state house constituent had been quiet and calm as everyone had started rallying support for the incumbent Bisiong to return for his second term, until recent development where 'a stronger force' has emerged.

The author of the said article had expressed worries over "the loud unappreciative silence and feet dragging of Boki 2 constituents towards the 2019 election. But said that the same constituents had I'm circles of threes and fours, gathered to express their dissatisfaction about their representation in the state house alleging that some have even raised this worry on social media platforms. "Others just decided to watch and follow the wind to whatever direction it goes. But none is willing to dare to change the status quo". 
Introducing the emergence of the new contender for the legislative seat, the author said, Mr Patrick Osang Ewama a native of Katchuan Irruan as come as a blessing, an answer to the prayers of many and has given "hope and a Choice to choose from. It is no longer a position to pick but a position to contest for as one of the youngest, very responsible and illustrious son of the constituency has indicated interest to represent Boki 2 constituency in Cross River State House of Assembly". 

Hon. Bisong is one of the youngest, smart and intelligent faces, that have occupied the state house of assembly and only recently, the Cross River State house of Assembly was awarded the best house of assembly in Nigeria. What is worrisome now is what was the indices used as in measuring their performance as a house? This question emanates from the fact that just like Bisong's  case, almost every constituency seems not to be satisfied with the performance of their members.

Is there a disconnect somewhere or is the award just one of those paid media hype for the selfish purpose of promoting somebody somewhere? 

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