Mr Ogar Augustine Otuokwa is from Wula in Eastern Boki, Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State.
He is a Nigerian innovator, inventor and entrepreneur. 32 year old Augustine Ogar, is a Graduate of Electronics and Computer Technology, University of Calabar, Calabar.

He is widely Known for the invention of a 2000 Watts mini Hydroelectric power plant that generate electricity for the plant site and its surrounding in January, 2018. Engr. Otuokwa recently came up with another of his innovation, a simple prototype of Hydroelectric power machine that if modified can make use of a bucket of Water to charge Mobile phones and other accessories.

Below is an interview with the young innovator, kindly go through to know what he's up to.

Please can you introduce yourself to Boki Blog readers and Boki Citizens?

My name is ogar Augustine Otuokwa, from Bashu village in Abo clan, I studied electronics and computer technology from university of Calabar, the inventor of the 200w hydro power generator in Wula village of Eastern Boki, Boki LGA. Am also skilled in inverter building and installation, electrical /satellite installation and Solar energy installation

Tell us about your Innovation?

The problem of power outage in rural areas of our country and the issue of global warming which renewable energy stands as a lasting solution gave the challenge to help my people. As a technologist I thought of generating electricity but then as an applicant, the financial strength was not really there for me to go into enough research and to get modern materials so made use of local materials like magnets, coils, iron core, bolts and nuts, nails, cable wires,  regulators capacitors, diodes and wood picked on the street to construct the turbine, pulley system, boosting system and the alternator to form the hydro power generator which generated light as was installed on a small water fall of a culvert in the community. The capacity was about 2000 watt and this can be increase to thousands of wattage if am giving further training for quality and capacity building.

Augustine Ogar and his  2000 Watts mini Hydroelectric power plant that generated electricity 

What are the challenges you faced in the process of your innovations.

I spend more than six months to source for materials

The low capacity of the device was as a result of lack of materials

It took me about  three months during the invention because of lack of financial support and sponsors for feasibility study and to have modern materials  for the project.

What inspired this Innovation?

The issue of power outage in rural areas of our country, the problem of global warming makes me to go on my personal research to generate electricity to rural communities. Secondly, since we have rivers in  most rural communities, I was inspired in hydro power generating research to help solve this problem in rural areas of the country

Villagers amazed about Augustine innovation 

How do you feel this can help the Nigerian Power sector?

Very well it will because we got the technical and technological capacity to build our own power stations and training centers across the country with less financial involvement.

Have you been contacted from everyone by the government concerning your invention?

Yes, the ministry of science and technology team of inspection of presidential standing commitee on invention and innovation, Abuja,  came and inspected the project on February this year.

Augustine's 200w Hydroelectric power machine that if modified can make use of a bucket of Water to charge Mobile phones and other accessories. 

What Other Innovations Can We Expect From You?

Wind mills and wind turbines generator and also a generator which I will not like to mention it name now. Am financially down now but surely I will be done soon.

What advice would you give to young and aspiring inventors?

They should keep doing what they are capable of and never depend on anyone during your invention, until you are done with the invention. Also, they should believe in themselves for everything is possible in life. Finally, the should take money as being so paramount during any invention for you may fail along the line. Thanks

I mean they should not take money to be so paramount........

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What aspect do you really need support?

Renewable energy

Boki blog was created recently to keep citizens of the Boki nation at home and abroad up to date with latest news across the LG. What do you think about this innovation?

It is a very welcome development, I love it so much and I remain part of it. I pray to God should bond us together so as to achieve our objectives

Thanks for your time


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  1. Thank you for this article. Please how can we have the guy's contact, we are interested in partnering with him for greater things.


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