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By Awa-Abuon Fidel



The 2023 Gubernatorial Elections are at hand, and some people are yet to decide on who to throw their weight behind.


I make a case for Sen. Prof. Sandy Onor, as a concerned Boki son, who has sat down to observe the waves of democracy and leadership in the state, including the written and unwritten rules.


Firstly, we have to go through the past to find out our current stance.


In 1999, the Gubernatorial Election was between;

1. Donald Duke – PDP = South (Winner)

2. Mark Ukpo – APP = North

3. Bassey Ekpo Bassey – AD =South


This ushered in the era of complete civilian rule in Nigeria.


In 2003, the contest was between;

1. Donald Duke – PDP = South (Winner)

2. Akpang Obi-Odu – NDP = North

3. Wilson Esate – APGA =Central

4. Matthew Ojong – UNPP = Central

5. Usani Usani – ND = Central

6. James Ebri – JP = Central

7. Okoi Obono Obla – NCP = Central

8. John Oyom Okpa – ANPP = Central

9. Dr Peter Ogbang – AD = North

You can observe with me that both Elections were not restrained to any senatorial district.


In 2007, the contest was between;

1. Liyel Imoke – PDP = Central (Winner)

2. Dr Paul Ukpo – ANPP =North

3. Iheke A Solomon – PPA = Central

4. Eyo Etim Nyong – DPP = South

5. Emmanuel Ibeshi – AC = North

6. Rose Oko – NDP = North

7. James Ebri – ARP = Central

8. Emmanuel Idaka – ADC = Central


And in 2011 the contest was between;

1. Liyel Imoke – PDP = Central (Winner)

2. Mary Ekpere – CPC = Central

3. James Ebri – DFPF = Central

4. Goddy Akpama – PPA = Central

5. Usani Usani – ACN = Central

6. Ima Nsa Adegoke – LP = South

7. Dr Onyuke – Accord Party = Central


You can also observe with me that the 2007 & 2011 elections also featured candidates from across senatorial zones.


The only exception to this pattern was in 2015, where for the sake of equity, all parties decided to set the to within the northern senatorial district.


The candidates were;

1. Benedict Ayade – PDP = North (Winner)

2. Odey Ochicha – APC = North

3. Fidelis Ugbo – LP = North

4. Philip Okwa – CDC = North


And in 2019, the contest was between;

1. Ben Ayade – PDP = North

2. John Owan Enoh – APC = Central

3. Eyo Ekpo – SDP = South

4. Ntan Ebaye – NCP = Central

5. Edward Ugbe – ADP = North

6. Ushie Tony – ADC = North

7. Charles Inah Okoi – ASD = North

8. Undie Emmanuel Ugbong – YDP =North

9. Ngang Bassey Ngang – DPP = Central

10. Ezama Castro Adoga – YPP = Central

And a host of others.


This election also featured candidates from the three senatorial zones.


From the above, the idea that Sandy Onor should not contest in the 2023 Gubernatorial Elections based on his place of origin in the Central Senatorial District is defeated.


Secondly, we go on to the topic of power rotation.

From 1999 to 2007, the state was under the rulership of HE. Donald Duke, from Calabar, (Southern Senatorial District).

From 2007 to 2015, HE. Sen. Liyel Imoke was Governor from Abi (Central Senatorial District).

From 2015 to 2023, we have HE. Sen. Ben Ayade as the incumbent. From Obudu (Northern Senatorial District).

By virtue of these, we can attest that no senatorial zone can claim neglect in the unwritten rule of power rotation.

I think the misunderstanding here is that most people still expect the power rotations to begin from the South. Judging from the past elections, they have featured aspirants and candidates from all three Senatorial Districts, except in 2015 where in review that the Central and South has each had a governor from the senatorial district and the North deserved to be given a chance, so all the parties involved decided to give to their tickets to people from the Northern Senatorial District to create the balance. Going by this, I don't think any of the senatorial districts can now seek to claim neglect or being cheated in the rotation of power.

The 2023 election like the 1999 election is a reset from where we can now start counting the years according to Senatorial Districts. By this I don't think the zoning feature should be preferred above competence and character feature. We can all agree that the current condition of the state is despicable and we need competent hands to handle the situation. For me, Sandy Onor has proven himself in character as someone who is concerned with the travails of his people.

Judging by the constituency project he has put out in his one term in the Senate, he is someone who we can trust to put up a people-centred government where the wants and needs of the people are going to be forefront of his administration.

Some of these projects include:


1. General maintenance and Rehabilitation of sections of Ikom - Obudu road with a spur at Bendeghe Ekiem, Etung LGA. 2020

2. Construction and Rehabilitation of Okuni/Nsofang Road, Ikom/Etung LGAs, 2020.

3. General Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Ogoja - Ikom Road with a Spur at Okondi, Boki LGA. 2020

4. Rehabilitation of Mile 2 road, Ikom LGA, 2020

5. Rehabilitation of market lane to boarder road in Ikom main Market, Ikom LGA, 2020.

6. Rehabilitation of State Housing Road, Ikom LGA, 2020.

7. General maintenance and rehabilitation of Ikom/Ogoja road with a spur to Okundi, Boki LGA, 2020

8. General Maintenance and rehabilitation of sections of Ikom/Obudu road with a spur to Bendeghe-Ekiem, Etung LGA, 2020.

9. Bulldozing/Grading of 6km Farm road, Ekori, Yakurr LGA, 2020.

10. Bulldozing/Grading of Kakwagom-Ndok road, Boki LGA, 2020.

11. Grading of road from Iyamayong to Ikom/Calabar road, Obubra LGA, 2020.

12. Construction of Bridge at Osopong, Obubra LGA

13. Grading of Yala Nkum Road, Ikom LGA, 2021.

14. Grading of Ochon Isabang road, Obubra LGA, 2021.

15. Grading of Ugep/Usumutong, Abi LGA, 2021

16. Grading of Effraya - Etomi road, Etung LGA, 2021.

17. Grading of Abo/Ogbagante to Abo Mkpang road, Boki LGA, 2021.

18. Grading of Obubra road - Ogada main town. Obubra LGA, 2020.




1. Construction and funishing of one block of three (3) class rooms with VIP toilets and manual bore hole at Itigidi, Abi LGA.

2. Constriction of Copers lodge at Immabana, Abi LGA.

3. Renovation of Primary School block, Bafin-Etintim, Boki LGA.

4. Renovation of One block of  nine class room block in Nsofang, Etung LGA.

5. Construction of 500 School desk for community Secondary School idomi, Yakurr LGA.

6. Construction of 500 School desk for Bahomono Secondary Grammar School Ebom, Abi LGA.

7. Construction of One block of 4 class rooms Yala Nkum, Ikom LGA.

8. Provision of Complete ICT Unit at Regina Pacis Secondary School Ofumbongha, Obubra LGA.

9. Provision of complete ICT unit at Holy Child Secondary School Ikom, Ikom LGA.

10. Provision of complete ICT unit at community secondary school Etomi, Etung LGA.

11. Provision of complete ICT unit at Community Secondary School Ugep, Yakurr LGA.

12. Provission of complete ICT Unit at community Secondary School Nsofang, Etung LGA.

13. Provision of complete ICT unit at community Secondary School Ekunekune Asiga, Yakurr LGA.

14. Provision of complete ICT unit at Community Secondary School Bawop, Boki LGA.

15. Donation Of 27kva power generating plant to Harvillar University Nde, Ikom.

16. Reconstruction/Renovation of 7 class room block at Holy Child Convent Primary School Ofodua, Obubra LGA, ongoing.

17. Reconstruction/Renovation of 6 class room block community Secondary School Nde, Ikom LGA.

18. Reconstruction/Renovation of 6 class room block at Primary School Abinti, Ikom LGA.

19. Facilitated from Tetfund the Construction of Civil Engineering workshop at ITM Ugep, Yakurr LGA.  Ongoin.

20. Facilitated from Tetfund the Procurment of books worth 3omillion naira for the library at ITM Ugep, Yakurr LGA.

21. Facilitated from Tetfund the procurement of Civil/Electrical Engineering equipment worth 200million at ITM Ugep which aided in the acreditation of the course at the institution.




1. Renovation of the palace of Obol Lopon of Ugep, Yakurr LGA.

2. Renovation of Community Town Hall Bokomo, Ikom LGA.

3. Completion of community Town Hall Biakwan, Boki LGA.

4. Completion of Civic Center, Abijang, Etung LGA.

5. Construction of Pavilion at Paramount Ruler's palace Olom, Boki LGA.

6. Construction of pavilion at the palace of the Obol Lopon of Mkpani, Yakurr LGA.

7. Construction of Community Civic Center, Itaka, Etung LGA.

8. Construction of  ommunity Civic center Mkpot, Etung LGA.

9. Completion of community town hall Okuni, Ikom LGA.

10. Construction of guest house Etomi, Etung LGA.

11. Renovation of community town hall with motorized bore hole Bendeghe Ekiem, Etung LGA.

12. Construction of Police Quaters at the Divisional Police HQ, Efraya, Etung LGA.

These projects have proven that the ease of the people is his concern.


On the opposition, we cannot but agree that HE. Sen. Ben Ayade has failed to live up to bidding. Neither has he proven to be concerned over the plight of the people, rather he had decided to build an empire of appointees who are less impact makers and more of scavengers.

The Governor cannot point to any project in Boki (complete or incomplete) that was initiated and executed by his administration. But I can tell you for a fact that our environment is constantly being degraded and our climate altered by the unending logging of wood, which began when he bulldozed off great expanse of forest across the state for his white-elephant styled super-highway. We cannot but wonder what will become of us if we let him install his handpicked successor.

I want you to reason with me, do we continue like this?

Or should we work towards better!

Sandy Onor is better!!

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