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By Pospi Otuson

After 5 Years, Governor Ayade has finally conducted the long waited Local Government Election, with Pastor John Ewa Clinching the mantle of leadership in Boki LGA. We are all aware that before Now, all eighteen Local Government councils in Cross River State have been without elected chairmen and councilors for quite a long time and this has really not been fair enough. 

Pst. Ewa who contested under the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), polled 59,767 votes in Saturday, May 30th Elections, accumulating over 90% votes, as the Party also sweeped all councillorship seats in Boki LGA.

Expressing his appreciation to Boki people, Pst. John Ewa said he's trusting that the days ahead will be a season of 'RESTORATION' for the Boki nation.

This article hence will fall in line with the Keyword 'RESTORATION' from Pastor John Ewa's Thank you message shared on our WhatsApp platforms on June 1st 2019. I've been writing about Pst Ewa before now and I must say I have analyzed his strides and actions and also gathered facts from his pitches and statement in recent times.

In 2019, Pastor John Ewa was appointed Chairman of Boki Security Committee By Governor Ayade, and he also headed the Boki Peace reconciliation committee where under his short term leadership, reconciled Boje and Iso-bendeghe boundary dispute crisis amongst others.

I strongly believe Boki People Should expect Pastor John Ewa to work with this three main agenda; Peace Building, Infrastructure, and Agricultural Development. Now let's apply this in line with the Keyword from his Thank you Text 'RESTORATION'.

PEACE BUILDING: You won't quote me wrong when I say Boki have experienced the highest rate of Conflicts, Unrest, Cult and Communal clashes in the last 5years than in the past years. In his bid and effort to address this issue, Pastor John Ewa will pursue Peace to whatever extent and will ensure there's a peaceful coexistence between Communities, People and groups in Boki Local Government Area.

Boki LGA might be more peaceful under Pastor Ewa than it it has ever been since it's creation.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Boki will experience massive Infrastructural transformation, because a peaceful environment will always support good development. 

Based on my analysis, the road connecting Boki 1 and 2 will be smoothly accessible within this 3 Years of Pst Ewa's leadership amongst other commercial Infrastructural transformation.

AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: Boki has a very huge Agricultural potential, but this great potential has been neglected in so many ways. Boki LG will experience more of Ewa's Restoration in the Agricultural Sector. Why am I saying this? Let me give you a full text of Pst. John Ewa's Statement in a video I recorded in August 2019.

Pst. Ewa who spoke at the opening day of the Banjuare Boki Festival in Bashua community on 13th August said "Cross River sate is developing even if the development is slow, the state is still moving". 

According to him "My understanding of this festival is that God has given us so many things in Boki we need to celebrate. When I went round Boki communities on a peace mission, i had always told our people that Boki local government have enough human resources to feed this nation".

Ewa stretched that Boki has Great potentials and that over 40% of bananas consumed in the northern part of Nigeria are from Boki. In words he said; "The northerners eat more banana than the Southerners. If you go to Yola, Kanu, Kaduna, and Maiduguri they have several special parks where there sell foodstuffs and most of them are garri and bananas, and it's from Boki. So there's huge potential" he said.

"When I left Cross River to school in Kaduna i had always known that most of the bananas consumed in Kaduna were from Boki. 90% of Lorries delivering in Kaduna are from Boki, when you go there and greet them in Bokyi language 'Nkìna' you see people will respond to you" he added.

Pst. John Ewa also said "Boki can give Nigeria all the ministers they need. If you want to pick all the senators and house of representative members to represent all Constituencies and senatorial districts in Nigeria, Boki has all the materials, Human Resources and capacity to handle that. If you say Boki should run the entire Cross River State, we have enough capacity to do that".

"The Future of Nigeria is Agriculture, and in Nigeria Boki is one of the most strategic in terms of Agriculture" he quoted.

He however analyzed the developmental strides and upgrade going on in other LGAs in the state, the Companies, institutions, Hotels, and Government organizations asking 'What's really going on in Boki?'

Ewa made much emphasis on the attitude and behavior of the youths as he believes this is the major reason why Boki remains underdeveloped. He said "One of the major markets that attracts buyers from Akwa Ibom, Benue State, Ebonyi State and many other places was Okundi market; but when people from far see young youth displaying big guns in broad daylight, killing themselves, nothing will make them come back".

Pst Ewa, maintained that the menace of cultism amongst youths in Boki local government scares away Investors, opportunities and development in the Boki nation. "Why can you not forgive your brother instead of looking for a good way to kill him?" He asked.

He then urged Young Boki people to play with objectives of Banjuare Boki Festival and live peacefully, harmoniously with on another.

Judging from the above text, I feel Pastor Ewa will concentrate more in restoring the Agricultural image of the Boki people.

In this new council administration, I urge all Boki People to expect a massive Agricultural Revolution, Peace resolutions and standard infrastructural Development.

Boki Will achieve more Under Pastor Ewa....

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