... Building Entrepreneurial Minds

Boki Business Conference (BBCON) is an initiative of the Boki Blog team to tackle the economic setbacks as well as curbing the repulsive behavior amongst young people across the Boki Nation. It is aimed at transforming, readdressing and repackaging the well-being of our communities and youths to portray Creativity rather than Crime or Violence.

BBCON tends to educate both young and old people in Boki and Cross River State on the key segments of starting and running a successful business and career, whereas equipping them with lucrative and marketable skills.

BBCON Features a Skill Acquisition Session in every edition of the conference in a way to encourage, build and stir up an entrepreneurial spirit among participants to become common problem solvers in our Communities.

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BBCON is dedicated and committed to reshaping, rebranding and redeveloping the minds of Boki people for productivity, creativity, entrepreneurship and accountability. Thereby, bringing successful, motivational and outstanding entrepreneurs and Business men across the country to present seminars in every edition of the conference. BBCON is a stitch-in-time to save Boki, Cross River and Nigeria.

The first edition of BBCON was hosted at Blessed Centre Cathedral in Okundi, Boki LGA with theme; "Starting A Business With No Money 1.0". The event was however the first of it's kind in the Boki Nation hosting up to 100 Boki people who were educated on the key segments of starting and running successful Businesses.

The conference also featured Skill Acquisition on Pizza and Shawarma making, Cake Baking & Design, Interior and Exterior Decorations, Peanuts Burger making and more...

BBCON Featured exciting individuals as keynote speakers including Mr. Donatus Ibor (Branch Manager UMFB), Mr. Joseph Agbong (CEO - Classic Value), Mr. David Peter (Founder AFSA), Lady Maria Odey (Success Coach), and Rev. E. Otuson respectively.

In a bid to continue expanding the dream to another level and on a bigger frame, we are introducing the second edition of the BBCON Event.

Boki Business Conference (BBCON) 2020 will Host at Wula, Boki LGA, Cross River State in December, 2020 with theme "THE RURAL ENTREPRENEUR (Discovering our Inbuilt potentials)

BBCON2020 will feature skill Acquisition Session on Pastries, Interior and Exterior Decorations, AgriBusiness Skill, Digital Marketing, Blogging and Writing Skills, Renewable Energy Skill, Fashion Design skill, Shoe Making Skills and More...

BBCON2020 will also feature exciting activities like Raffle Draw (for the first 100 persons to register) to win Smartphones, Electric Irons, Pollo T-shirts, Business Websites and More. Also Tourist site exploration like Drill Ranch Buanchor and many others.

Boki Business Conference has come to stay. To share in the dream, kindly make a Donation HERE or Contact Us for Sponsorship

... Building Entrepreneurial Minds...

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  1. It is a thing of joy... And a great privilege for my community to host a conference of such magnitude and as such we are ever ready to give our maximum and and unreserved supports to Boss blog..
    Thank you.


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