The attention of the Reality Campaign Network has been drawn to a mischievous and malicious report, by Hon. Cletus Obun, alleging that an advanced attempt is been plotted to assassinate him by Sir Victor Abang, the duly elected candidate for Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency in the 2019 general election.

The Reality Campaign Network wishes to debunk such claim as cheap and mere propaganda targeted towards blackmailing the high reputation of Sir Victor Abang, a respected Knight of the Catholic church.

Ordinarily, such trivial claims should not be attended to, but for the interest of the general public it is expedient for us to set the records straight.


First of all, Cletus Obun is not the APC candidate for Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency. Rather, Victor Abang is the rightful candidate, having won the House of Representatives primary elections for Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency.

All discrepancies in the name submitted by the party to INEC have been reconciled by the judgment of an Abuja high court presided by Justice Namdi Dimgba on the 18th of December 2018, which validates Victor Abang as the rightful candidate. INEC is bound by law to adhere strictly to this judicial pronouncement. So, Victor Abang is not contending with Cletus Obun over candidacy, as he has already been recognised by all constituted authorities as the APC candidate for Ikom/ Boki Federal Constituency.

Secondly, all allegations of attempted assassination levelled against Sir Victor Abang and his supporters are baseless and unfounded. His claims only represent the antics of a drowning man. We have decided not to respond to baseless allegations but since this very allegation involves threat to life, it is pertinent to make a few comments and allow security agencies to do their job effectively. On this note, our principal have directed his legal team to take action against Cletus Obun in order for him to substantiate his claim.

Since the emergence of our principal, Sir Victor Abang, as the authentic winner of the primaries for the House of Representative slot, Cletus Obun has been cutting-corners to instigate violence and cheap blackmail after stealing the mandate that does not belongs to him.

As a law abiding citizen, Sir Abang had to seek redress into matter. He approached the court, filed the case accordingly and judgement was delivered in his favour as the authentic winner of the primaries for Ikom/Boki federal constituency.

In the judgement delivered on 18 December 2018 in Abuja by Justice Nnamdi Dimgba, the court gave an Order of Mandatory Injunction, compelling INEC to recognise and publish the name of Sir Victor Abang as the authentic candidate for the House of Representative seat for Ikom/Boki for the 2019 general election.

The court also gave an Order of Injunction, restraining Cletus Obun from parading himself as the candidate for the election.

In all of these failures on the side of Cletus and his team, he has resorted to cheap blackmail and mischievous claims that has no bearings.

The good people of Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency have thrown their weight behind Sir Abang ahead of the election due to his leadership style, grassroot interaction, human and economic empowerment, infrastructural development and job placement among many others.

Finally, we enjoin all our supporters and party faithful to remain calm and go about their political activities without fear or intimidation. Victor Abang remains the APC candidate for Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency.


Reality Campaign Network

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