Permit me to make this an open letter.
Apparently sir, you have won the primaries to contest for the seat of National Assembly. This to me is a nice development, sir because Ikom/Boki as you know needs all the development she can get.

Haters might criticize you for this (I doubt if they have not started already). But I want to beseech you not to relent in your seeming resolve to complete this great task, that has the potential of changing our land. Just the other day, my senior and friend Nku Ben Bisong-asserted that, ‘’Oga mature would outperform previous representatives if voted in’’.

His words made sense to me pretty well, sir. And it has occupied my mind screen and also it got me pondering, too. I immediately remembered how you have single handedly touched so many lives  I also recalled how you sponsored ‘’ Oyi ‘Kire’’ the Movie; some time ago. Apparently sir, this letter is to further reaffirm  my resolve to support your election bid and virtually campaign for you. Albeit, I am constrained to make one demand sir. Please we in the entertainment industry in the region needs a complementary support now than ever before. As you already know, Sir, that talent development would engage many youths and consequently reduce cultism, drug abuse and other social vices. Not to mention the ample jobs it would create among the populace. Sir you’re the only candidate that I can personally vouch for. Sir also permit me to  use this medium to tell every Boki/Ikom person with a permanent voters card, to come out en-mass to vote for sir Victor Abang (mature) on the  forth coming general elections as your federal representative and thank me later. And also sir, let your confidence be hinged on God, the overwhelming support and solidarity from your people. Who sees  you as their hopes and aspirations. I know so too well that, considering your contributions to the development of the region you’re more qualified than other candidates; economically you will dwarf them, and in character, you will trash them. Also sir, this is no longer about PDP or APC but about the dignity and liberation of our people.
I earnestly believe sir would include my demand in your plans.
Thank you and do accept the wishes of my warmest regard sir.

Yours Sincerely

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