Boki Blog, the first Online Magazine of the Boki people known to be one of the fast growing media wing in its environ, presents its list of top 10 Most Promising Boki citizens to watch out for in 2019. This list tends to highlight the activities of young Boki citizens who are quickly building up their moral in different areas of which they specialize, making sure they attain success.

This list of 10 Promising Boki Citizens Analyze top young Boki citizens known for their struggle and strive to push forward to attaining success and also ensuring the success of others. They have made an impact in their lives and are becoming well recognized in their various field and also Active Members in the Society.

We have accessed the activities of young hardworking Boki citizens in different categories including Politics, Movies, Media/Journalism, Modeling/Fashion, Music and Technology. We bring you a list Boki Blog’s Top Ten (10) Most Promising Boki citizens to watch out for in 2019.


George Odok is a senior Defence Correspondent with the News Agency of Nigeria. He holds a bachelor degree in Mass Communication. In 2015, his aggressive media advocacy led to the immediate repairs of the then failed portion of the Calabar-Odukpani road by the Pamol axis and the Biase federal road in Iwuru community. Both portions of the roads were given immediate attention by the federal government and they were quickly rehabilitated. 

As a sterling pen pusher, Odok has used his medium to inform, educate and entertain a large audience member with his timely, factual and progressive reports. 

He is a recipient of many awards in journalism including the Nigerian Navy Thunder Ship award for excellence in journalism and the Nigeria Immigration Service meritorious award for journalists.

He exhibit a high passion for his job and that's why his hobbies include, nosing for news, writing news, traveling and playing table tennis.

Currently, Odok is the Assistant Secretary of the Correspondent Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists in Cross River State. 

Watch out for Mr. George Odok 
George on a military trip with the Nigerian Army as Defence Correspondent 


Martina Kaka Obi who was born and bred up in Lagos is from Oku-aro in Boki Local Government Area, Nollywood actress with the Actors Guild of Nigeria for over 15years and still counting , Kaka has been featured in over 70movies and soap operas airing around the globe. 

Miss Kaka have been featured alongside Top Nollywood superstars in movies like, House arrest, Twist of fate, Emmanuella, Talisman, Felicima, Unpardonable Mistake, Hoodlums, Incubus, Simi’s choice, Super Story, This Life, Papa Ajasco, Needles Eyes, The House, Girls Next Door 3 and so many others. She is featured in a latest movie ‘love & power’ which is hoped to be out by October. In an interview with Boki blog, Kaka disclosed her dream of diving into movie production and we are watching Miss Martina Kaka Obi for the realization of this dream soonest, maybe in 2019
Kaka with crew members and one of the Nollywood Godfathers 


Honorable Hilary Bisong  is one of the youngest Politician in Cross River State, A Politician with a difference . He’s currently the Member Representing Boki ii Constituency in Cross River State House of Assembly. As the breeze of 2019 elections blows, Hilary hopes to secure a 2nd tenure for a chance to serve the good people of Boki ii Constituency in the state house for a second term. Watch out for Hon. Hilary Bisong

4. SUNDAY NJI (Chalenge)

Sunday Nji is also known as Chalenge, he is a top rising Nigeria artist from Okwabang Community in Boki Local Government Area, Chalenge is a young music artist who have distinguished himself from the crowd of upcoming artist in Nigeria, now striving to be at the top, he has showcase himself in many promotional platforms including music revolution Nigeria with his record breaking single ‘my people’ which talks about unity in Nigeria. 

In an interview with music revolution Nigeria, Chalenge  revealed his plans on featuring top Nigerian star Tuface Idibia in the remix of his single ‘my people’ in a very short time, hopefully, 2019
Photo of young star Chalenge chilling out 


Etta Michael is a Professional Journalist with bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication from Madonna University Okija. Etta, after joining the leadership Newspaper in 2008, he then joined Blueprint where he oversees the service technology and environment desk until 2016, presently, Etta is an editor with the magazine forefront, overseeing special projects. 

Etta, whose goal is to share his experience as a science communicator with global thought-leaders while learning their knowledge is currently in New York, USA with Jurnalist from South Asia and Sub-sahan Africa as one of the Cornell Alliance for Science Champions. Watch out for Mr Etta Michael
Photo Source: Fb Cover Photo - shows Me. Etta issuing a presentation 


Here comes the Princessof Boki politics, Lady Bukie Okangbe is a career politician and political lover and supporter, a core supporter and close ally to the Distinguished Senator John Owan Enoh, a Governorship Aspirant Cross River State in 2019,okanbge who is always on the winning side has been trained into media Amsterdam, Holland after which she started a TV program there in Holland  tagged AfricanLifestyle before she finally decided to return to Nigeria, coming to Nigeria, she has worked for the Cross River broadcasting  Cooperation before being approved Chief Press Sec. to Boki Local Government Council. 

A win for Senator John Owan Enoh as Cross River State Governor in 2019 might lead OKangbe into a favorable appointment. Watch out for Lady Bukie Kangbe in 2019
Lady Bukie Okangbe with Boss, Senator John Owan Enoh 


Peace is a fast growing actress who started acting from the church and had a dream of producing her own movies even when she had not joined the movie industry. Peace is from Bashua in Boki Local Government Area, a Nollywood actress with the Actors Guild of Nigeria. With 7years in the industry, Peace has been featured in; Corpers lodge, The Kings Story, The Return of Dangerous Maiden, Street Singles, 3bs, Evil Friend and Heart of a Soldier, including her recent movie.

During an interview with Bokiblog, peace disclosed her dream of going internationally and also producing her own movies in grand style and impacting lives the way she could. Watch out for Peace Bessong in 2019
Beautiful Photo of Miss Peace Bessong; The King's Bride


Queen Promise Binang is a Boki born model who believes so much in herself and that she can always emerge victorious anywhere in the cause of her pageantry.

Miss Promise is the latest winner of Miss Pride of Nigeria Pageant 2018. Binang,s plans concerning her career motivating, as she hopes to make her career to another in the shortest time, probably, in 2019. Watch out for Promise Binang in 2019
Interview session with Queen Promise  after winning the Miss Pride of Nigeria Pageant 2018 


Mr. Ogar Augustine Otoukwa is a Boki technologist, a graduate of Electronic and Computer Technology. Augustine Ogar who is also known as okwatex, recently constructed a 2000mega watt Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant that generated electricity for the plant site and also constructed a simple Protype of Hydroelectric Power Machine that is modified that can use a bucket of water to charge mobile phones and other accessories, in an interview with Boki blog, Augustine says he believes his invention can solve the power problem of the local government if required equipment are available and sponsored to gain more knowledge. 

Okwatex is currently organizing a free renewable energy training for secondary schools studentsin Boki, to bring more technologists into the field. Watch out for Mr. Ogar Augustine in 2019
Okwatex 2000 mini watt Hydroelectric Power Plant 

10. OBI VICTOR (Mo’fame)

Mo’fame is a fast growing Nigeria artist, rapper, singer and song writer performing better than his mates in the field of music. Mo’fame who released his first single in 2014, came up with a record breaking track 4motns ago titled ‘LUV’ which seems to drag the attention of a good number of Nigerians. 

In an interview with Bokiblog, Mo’fame shared his dream of owning his own record label in 5years time which we hope to see something serious towards that in 2019. Watch out for Obi Victor in 2019
Cute photo of top rising upcoming artist, Mo'fame  

The activities of this 10 young people have been analyzed and in no time, they would blow out to the world. They’re ready to prove to the world that despite all ought Boki has good fruits and will serve as agents of change in the Boki Nation as well as changing the world’s perspective about Boki local government area, the Canaan of Cross River State, Nigeria. 

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