Obi Victor who is popularly know as Mofame is a Nigerian Artist, Raper, Singer, and Songwriter from Bansan Osokom community in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Mo'fame has been doing music for a while now. This young man has been performing quite well better than his mates in the field of music.

What’s you name?

Mo'fame: Obi Victor

What’s your stage name?


Where are you from? Community, LG, State

Mo'fame: I'm from Bansan osokom, Boki LGA, Cross River State

We heard you're a music artist, how true is this?

Mo'fame: It is very true sire, music is what I do, am a rap artist with hit songs online still Upcoming tho but believe me am full of hit,😎

Have you released any music at all?

Mo'fame: I released my song in 2014 with other tracks on ground.
While I just dropped my new song #luv.

Can we get a link to your music? Maybe some of our readers may want to listen to it

Mo'fame: Sure

Watch my video

What inspired your passion for music and who has been there supporting you from the beginning?

Mo'fame: I Started music at a very tender age of 9/10, dragging my inspiration from the likes of Awilo, plantation boys, bobmarley, and 2pac and the legendary Fela Kuti. To mention a few
I was exposed to different sounds because my uncle had a beer palor in those days where he played all kinds of music, and as a child I go there every evening to read and do my home work, but the sound in a way will always steal my attention. Since then I started writing my own lyrics and boomm! Mo'fame started making music.
Thanks to my parents who later saw reasons to start supporting my career.
And they've been very supportive.

Do you think it's hard to succeed in music?

Mo'fame: Sincerely and Truthfully it's hard. Generally not only in music, there's an adage that says "nothing good comes easy". So anything you're chasing you need to put in work, in the case of music having the talent  is the first thing but in most cases, financial problems makes music business very difficult, some upcoming artist succeed in recording good songs but no money to pay for publicity, no sponsors, you spend money and don't get back anything in return. To some point you might wanna give up, but don't ever give up because you can always succeed, consistency, prayers and humility will  determine your success in the music industry

Nigeria Artist or Upcoming Artist, which would you rather prefer to be addressed?

Mo'fame: Nigerian artist sir. Upcoming? No, Not again! I have been doing this for a couple of years so in a way am a boss. Representing Boki, Nigeria, Africa and the universe. So I'd prefer you address me as a Nigerian rapper, Singer,and Songwriter.

Any challenges on releasing your singles?

Mo'fame: Yes of course, it is very challenging but it's the hustle though, you don't have to put out whack music for your followers, as someone still looking for a platform to sell. Your music must be good, so that process of trying to make good music is very challenging. Since fingers have been crossed you wouldn't want to promise your fans and  fail them you try so hard to write the right lyrics get the right tune and all that... It's challenging

Do you have fans?

Mo'fame: Yes I do. I have a reasonable fan base, people download my music, people me on Twitter and Instagram. There always want to hear and know what am up to musically; So I have fans. I'm also working on getting more fans, People that actually believe in my music and at least that my music change something in their life or keep them positive.
Even you that's interviewing me is a big fan. Lol

Yeah I totally agree! But, Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Mo'fame: Five years from now I should be living my dreams, with the foundation am laying down. In five years I should be a boss of my own with my own record label. I see my self in the mainstream, bringing new sounds to Nigeria, established. And with a lot of upcoming artist especially from Boki under me for better opportunities.

Which Popular Nigerian artist have you always dreamt of working with and why?

Mo'fame: Hmmm, I've always dreamt of working with BurnaBoy because he inspires me with the way he makes music in it's uniqueness. Would also like to work with M.I, Wizkid, Davido and Olamide. Because there understand the market and deliver good music consistently, so I think working with them will be great.

From your experience in the entertainment industry what advice could you offer people looking to get where you are today?

Mo'fame: Well, Stay true to yourself, that's in Attitude and Originality.
Keep the hustle going, and constant/consistent effort be put on improvement, Work on how to communicate with people and most importantly seek Advice from the right source, never loose hope be prayerful and focused and the sky will be your starting point not even your limit.

Do you have any hidden talent?

Mo'fame: Yeah, that should be football. Growing up, I used to be a very good player but all of a sudden I stopped practicing and soccer left my blood. Lol, am a pretty good dancer.

How can our readers connect with you on social media platforms?

Mo'fame: You can follow me on Twitter @momoneymofame IG @mo_fame
Facebook @ Vhiktor Famouz.

What last word do you have for your fans and the Boki nation?

Mo'fame: Ladies and gentlemen, Mo'fame has come, With a new sound. Listen and support, because I'm here because of you guys and I will go far because of y'all. Love one another believe in yourself, a make positive start. Unity and love for our great Boki nation.

Generosity in the Game. And don't forget ; Motivate yourself, using yourself. Look at yourself, if you love your present condition, you can sleep.
But if you don't, work  for what ever you desire, be positive, don't let anything weight you down, always try to learn something new. And you will see yourself excelling.

Please sponsors are highly needed support the brand Mofame And the entire GHOST BOYS ENT.
Together we can make Boki a great nation full of superstars. I can't do it alone. Everybody is welcome to support

Boki Blog was created recently to keep citizens at home and abroad with up to date news around Boki local government Area. What do you think about this innovation?

Mo'fame: It's very nice development I must say, now people from far and near can stay connected, share ideas and deliberate on how to move Boki nation forward. Its a nice one. So I think this blog no way a bad idea. Today am here who knows if the person reading this article will be the next in line Or even the Governor of Cross River State or the President.
Kudus to boki blog

We appreciate your commendation. At this point I must say; thanks for your time

Mo'fame: Thank you so much...
It's good to be here

You're always welcome

Mo'fame: Thanks

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  1. I'm very excited and grateful for this platform.
    We've all wish for a time were we know what's with Boki every day.
    This platform have made a positive move on what alot of us have only wish we could do.
    So I must say that I'm grateful for this innovation.

    I called on all sons and daughters of Boki to visit, read, support and sponsor this platform to it greatest expectation.
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    I'm Omang Collins Obi. AAT(Associate of Accounting Technician).
    Future Chartered accountant by his grace.

  2. I'm so happy to connect and know more about you. Mo'fame. Best wishes in your career. Thumbs up and keep on flying. Thousands will view this interview

  3. Great interview... Never knew we have young stars like this in Boki. Thanks to Boki blog for bringing us close to people we could always be proud of.

    I'm in full support of this platform

  4. Well bro u deserve da best!
    we are going to support u until ur goals are been acComplished
    #VDV cares


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