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Beebo Community , just like Ukpagada community in Ogoja, has completely been alienated from modern institutions. There has never been any government projects or presence there.

Most of the things they have, like their primary schools were done by community efforts. Such reclusive state has the tendency to provoke apathy against the government and create avoidable escalating divide between the people and the government. The hint came to the ears of Hon Ken Aklah and immediately led the government Need Assessment Team to the place.

Beebo has six villages and there are: Bekeh village, kakwe village, Odor village, Abija village, Ukampor village and Beebo. Road conditions of the community are very appalling. They need not tell you what they need, as the reality of their critical needs stare you by the face as you enter the villages.

The people need more primary school blocks to be added to ones built through community efforts, culverts, roads and drainages.

So many locals have started saying that this recent exercise of the state government's direct intervention on Critical Rural Infrastructures is completely new. Why not? Since the society is dynamic,  the Ben Ayade administration realizes  that when institutions, attitudes and values that form the political power system are no longer appealing, the only viable alternative is a durable shift in ideas and value system that alters the feasible set of options, open to solving socio-political problems. For the first time, a government is taking governance into the very heartlands of rural dwellers who actually own the mandate of government.

Against this, the core essence of governance is defeated. This is what any change agent should represent.

Ken Aklah was accompanied by Hon Victor Agwu Adugba, Commissioner for Special Projects; Mr Bette Obi, Chairman of Cross River State Forestry Commission and a host of others in June.

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