Dr. Charles Apoki was in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria Last month to do a series economic empowerment seminars organised by the Men’s Ministry of the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria, Boki District.

He visit was not Just a blessing to the Assemblies Of God Church, but also Boki Local Government Area in General. 

In was on that seminal he said Boki is one of the most blessed area in Nigeria followed by the Hausa's 

He made an article based on his visit to Boki Local Government titled Boki, The Canaan Of Nigeria.

He said;

"Boki land . . .
A place I call Eden in Cross River State, Nigeria
Boki land . . .
Where the clouds kiss the mountains in an endless romance

A land so innocent, you can still see virgin forests with lovely unpolluted streams flowing with crystal clear waters.
Boki land . . .
The link to the breathtakingObudu Cattle Ranch. The air is so fresh and clean and the environment is peacefully quiet, only punctuated by sounds of nature. I had the feeling of remaining there and not returning to the noise, odour, and pollution of the urban jungle resulting from an endless rat race. I prefer this natural jungle.
A land so far from any higher educational institutions but the natives can understand Queens English in their churches, even the elderly people.

A land where you can drive through deep forest roads without fear of robbers or kidnappers even at 2 a.m.
I will always come back, but not alone again.
You need exposure and exploration, not exploitation.
You are richer than several nations; You can feed this nation.

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