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St. Augustine Primary School Bumaji is a public primary school located in Beebo Bumaji ward, in Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria.
It was called Standard School Bumaji when it was first founded in 1948 with 10 students before its was moved to its original site at Bajiki/Bamba field.

Mr Ade Igre from Western Boki met the village heads and advised on detailed scheme of education in Bumaji. Igre suggestions and proposals were the basis for the formation of Standard School Bumaji. He also convinced the Catholic Mission at Boki to assist with teachers. As a result many regards Mr Igre as the architect of Standard School Bumaji now known as St. Augustine Primary School Bumaji
When the school began, it had only three classes (Standards) and the pupils were taught by foreigners.

 In a survey done on 18-May-2011, the school had 120 male students and 100 female students making a total of 220 learners served by 4 teachers, the school had a long hall demarcated into classrooms.

Presently, the St. Augustine Primary School Bumaji classrooms are old, and dilapidated.
The primary school has existed for over 72 years and currently has about 36 male and 22 female students showing a drastic fall of pupils due to lack of maintenance and abandonment. The desks and chairs are not enough. There is no library or even a desktop computer and there are no toilets or facilities for recreation and Co-curricular activities. The pupils and student-teachers defecate openly in a bush around the school.
The classroom have no ceiling or window coverings. The pupils have formed their own furniture out of clay and wood.

A portion of the roof is blown off by wind and there are large cracks on the walls, indicating serious structural damage. The entire block of the classrooms have no doors, and the blocks of the entrances are crumbling.

Opposite this building lies an abandoned structure. It was supposed to serve as an extra block of classrooms but it was never completed. The community has sustained this school for decades and are still doing so.

We think it's high time the local government pay a little attention to the dare needs of St. Augustine Primary School Bumaji.

Since the Constitution and National Policy on Education have made it clear that it is the responsibility of the local government to manage primary schools and that was why the Local Education Authority (LEA) was created to address the issues associated with education at the foundational level.

This will give us a sense of belonging and will also foster unity and promote development in our community.

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